Apartments in the "Alte Stadtförsterei" in Lychen

The Uckermark

The Uckermark is a region in the North of Brandenburg, 80 km from Berlin and with 3077km2 it is the fifth largest county in Germany which makes it bigger than Saarland. It is rather sparsely populated with its 121.00 inhabitants (Saarland almost a million). Morphologically it can be described as undulating moraine landscape traversed by terminal moraines and morainal plains. Wide forests and grassland, fields lakes and rivers shape the impressive countryside. The Uckermark got awarded the first price as sustainable tourist region in 2012/13 due to its manifold nature sanctuaries natural reserves and protected areas. Lychen is located in the nature preserve “Uckermärkische Seen”.
The best ways to explore Uckermark’s nature is by bike or while canoeing. If you chose the bike make sure to make use of the local nature park bus which takes bikes so you can extend the tour.

Activities in the vicinity of Lychen:

Templin, the pearl of the Uckermark, is located 23km from Lychen and can easily be reached by bike or bus. The almost completely extant city wall from the 13th century with its gate towers is definitely worth a visit.
Apart from nice shopping facilities Templin offers a well-known thermal bathWarm Salt Bath Templin, western town El Dorado Templin and a kart track. There is a rail trolley connecting Fürstenberg, Lychen and Templin, it is comparable to bike riding however.

Fürstenberg:is located 12km from Lychen. You can go there comfortably with the boat called “Möwe” from Lychen. A picturesque cruise via Himmelpfort is just stunning with nice weather.

Himmelpfort:Home of Santa Claus from where he sends Christmas letters to all over the world. Himmelpfort is located scenically in between two lakes along the handcar track mentioned before. The name originates from the Cistercian abbey. Where there is heaven (German: Himmel) there must be hell, hence the village with the name Fegefeuer  (purgatory) close to Lychen, a former exile residence for disobedient monks.

Boitzenburg:is one of the prettiest towns in the Uckermark. Surrounded by forest s and located at a lake between two hills approximately 20km from Lychen to the North. Boitzenburg is the former residence of family Armin with Bettina von Armin as the family’s most famous member. The impressive castle with its royal stables forms an imposing ensemble.

Feldberg:belongs to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is located approximately 22km North of Lychen. The route to Feldberg is well worth seeing. Passing forests and lakes the tour is ideal for cyclers. The Bus can be taken for one way if the round trip is too far. A must see in Feldberg is the village Carwitz, former residence of Hans Fallada. Lake Schmale Luzin, offers clear and turquoise water and offers a wonderful multi-day canoe trip to Lychen crossing picturesque lakes and creeks. (Most of the boat rental shops offer a start from Feldberg)