Apartments in the "Alte Stadtförsterei" in Lychen

Apartment 1

Apartment 1 is on the first floor. 80m² split into four rooms plus kitchen and rest room. We sanded the wooden floor and doors to keep the former aesthetics.

Bild der Wohnung 1 in der Alten Stadtförsterei in Lychen
Tower Room:
The tower room (7m²) offers probably the best view of Hohenlychen. Usually our guests like to enjoy the view while using it as the dining room.
Living Room:
The living room (20m²) offers cozy seating options and is equipped with a sofa bed for 2 with a size of 160 x 200 cm and a TV.
Large Bedroom:
The Bedroom (20m²) offers Occupation for 2 on one bed (180 x 200cm) and a large cupboard. The white tile stove is no longer functional but decorative and can be used as a hat rack.
Small Bedroom:
5m² and a bed offer occupation for mostly one person.
The bathtub in our bathroom can be used for shower and taking a bath. Towels and a hairdryer are available.
Four people can sit comfortably in the kitchen (10m²). It is equipped with: Refrigerator, fume hood, dishwasher, kettle, toaster, hob and oven. Unfortunately we cannot allow pets in our apartment. Smoking is unwanted as well.

Preise der Wohnung 1 in Lychen alte Stadtförsterei
If the planned duration of your stay differs from the offered duration please inquire possible additional costs with us. The local policy requires us to charge visitor’s tax.
Kurtaxe der Stadt Lychen